Mediterranean Cuisine

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Pitas Mediterranean Restaurant started out as a simple bakery.  Shortly there after, they decided to expand by adding tables and chairs to the building to offer an authentic mediterranean atmosphere to the public.  They prepared a simple menu of unique homemade foods using only recipes that were handed down from previous generations.  They gained popularity for their authentic mediterranean taste by offering everything from organic grape leaves, fried falaful and marinated lamb shawarma.

Pitas is a family oriented establishment with a passion for preparing food for the community.  Today everything on the Pitas menu is fresh, homemade and 100% authentic.  Locals return daily for lunch and dinner to taste their one of a kind, made from scratch, dressings and pita bread.  All dressings are made in house with extra virgin olive oil and poured atop signature salads.  The pita bread is hand crafted from scratch and baked in house to guarantee an authentic mediterranean experience.

Try one of our signature dishes along with an exotic award winning Lebanese wine or beer.  They offer domestics and imports that are sure to please!